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Petite Paloma is a family run business that prides itself in making unique hand-poured soy candles infused with curated scents. We understand that the sense of smell influences our environment and helps shape our moods and emotions. 

Each of our scents has a vision to create an atmosphere whether it be in your living room while entertaining guests, to the professional environment of your office or the personal space of your bedroom. Each candle has a purpose, and at Petite Paloma, it is our mission to help create that feeling of comfort.

The idea of Petite Paloma started in an East London apartment in 2016. Simmoney started her career in the film industry and immediately recognized the importance of creating a mood and atmosphere. Seeing candles lit in a makeup room or in an actor’s trailer helped Simmoney to realize the importance of creating your own ambience. It didn’t matter whether they were filming in a desert in Spain or a studio space in London, the same candle always followed. The sense of home, comfort and luxury was all created with the burning of a candle. The journey of the candle is what inspired Simmoney to create Petite Paloma

Simmoney took this realization and started to create her own candles from her home in London. The name Petite Paloma was created through Simmoney’s life influences. ‘Petite’ is her mother’s nickname and ‘Paloma’ which means Dove in Spanish comes from a song her Grandmother would always sing her. Both her grandmother and mother have experienced their own journey through life’s prosperities and hardships and through these times, a candle was always lit to pray. The moment of reflection through the light of a candle has been in their culture for generations. Being Polish/ Mexican, it was important for Simmoney to create a company that represented home and the cultural traditions of these strong women. 

Petite Paloma is now based in Warsaw Poland, where Simmoney and her mother Patricia have joined together to create a family candle business.

Inspiration from Mexico – Handmade in Poland


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